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Messed account. Wish.

Ummmm.... Not really know what to say.... Don't know in wich section I should post it, but anyway.... My account got messed up. Nickname - Wish. 48 lvl I was 1,3mill power. The person who did it, sold my Dragon tail bamboos (2), 3,8 k soul stones, about 750 mount pills, phoenix and other stuff. I don't know if I will get my items back (probably not). But at least let me tell you (reader) don't trust ppl. Even the closest. Some of them are not mature, don't know how to respect stuff and privacy. Sad that mess was made of close person to me. G M I would appreciate if somehow my items would back to place they belong to. I spend so much time and money for this account.... Feel my pain..... I don't know how you can give me them back. But I hope you guys can help me. If not probably all who reading this its last words from at least Wish's mouth! Have a nice day! And goodluck in game.         
P.S Angel, don't talk to me never ever again. Just leave me in the dirt you made. Your hand won't be the one I will grab. Before doing this did you ever thinked about how good I made to you? Am I really that bad person? After all you just mixed me with dirt. If you reading this I still forgive you. maybe it's sounds pathetic, but I'm not that person who will fell down to your level and won't do anything bad to you. I even didn't messed your accounts. So be thankfull and just forget about me. The last lesson from me: Learn how to respect stuff and at least think before doing something. And it's not just a game for me. It's a place where I met amazing people. Sad but I tought you we're one of them. Also thanks for ppl who was around, I had good times here ^^ Oh forgot to mention the most important thing:  It's not titanic, I won't drown. I created new acc - нυnтer

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