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Loading screen stuck forever

Post Last Edited by anantagemma at 2017-6-18 06:24

After the create-new-character bug, there's the neverending loading screen when i tryna login to Mystic Palace server. I can enter other servers like Eden Garden and load perfectly. Please notice and fix sooner.

Your pleasant ddtank civilians

Post Last Edited by nowornever22 at 2017-6-18 01:37

Fix this weird upload lag, is been the whole day like that...and  soon is the reset time.

The toolbar been stuck at 8/13... 73%... not getting better.

(p.s: I made this new account for forum, because i don't remember my old one.. after 2 years of inactivation lol)

Thank you in advance

Ign: Nyx
Server: Shadow castle
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i can not login for 12 hours... please solve this problem.


It shows in mine too
pls fix it


Still not loading!! Fix this bug GM's!


When is this gonna be fix GM???????


Wow they don't seem sorry about this issue, they don't even give awards for having this issue..


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