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Dear ddtankers,

Good day!

Are you still waiting an event for a long time? Now you don’t, just tell us what kind of events you like, weapon, pet, coustume or something else? It may come next week if possible.

[How to join]:
Reply to propose the event you want.

(Must as detail as the following one)

☆ Magic Lollypop+12 plus Undying Heart x8 could exchange for ☆☆ Magic Lollypop x1(Harm:275,7Days)

Your nickname:
Your server:
Are you a coin player or not? ( It's ok to tell us, we'd like to consider the suggestions both of you. )

[Duration]: March 5 ---March 12.

1. Only 1 entry per account allowed.
2. After this one, we will choose some of your proposals for voting,and we will arrange the relevant events according to the voting result.
3. Everyone who leave an event suggestion here can obtain a gift from us. Activate codes will be sent by forum P.M.within 3 business days after event.
4. Game321 holds the final say in this event.

I think this is a good idea to make events.I suggest pet events.Many high levels don't have phoenix or snake pet they just have  normal pets.We want rare pets such as the ones that i said above.Make it on seasonal phoenix and snake.Also when will come the lollypop event? this week? we are waiting ) hope you like my suggestion.


1- "☆ Magic Lollypop+12 plus Undying Heart x8 could exchange for ☆☆ Magic Lollypop x1(Harm:275,7Days);

Of course, this most needed.

2- We need the Bracelet 5+ or rings 5+ exchange event for Any Strong 4+ Like Shavia or Hyperion 4+

I hope my suggestion is liked by players.

K O U♪
(Divine Manor) Server
MP(Mystic Palace) Server


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or a suggestion for events?

so why not bring the events of card? ganharar spirit card using both pill practice?

or make an equipment-building event that when leveling weapon +12
example. you strengthened your nugget 12 won 10x evolution stone, that left more fun the game so that they can for gun + I quickly.

or can make a gun exchange event as briefcase +12 exchanged by a laser ***?

Server: Shadow Castle

Nick: ヒューゴ


nickname   ffy
ign             fvckforyou
server        Mystic Palace

☆Axe +12 plus Winter Love x8 could exchange for Earl Sword x1  (Harm:247, 7Days)



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DDtank Kingdom-☆ Magic Lollypop
The weapon upgrade plan from Minister of Armament.
"☆☆·Love of Snow +12 ,☆☆Muramasa+10 exchange ☆ Magic Lollypop x1(7Days);

1. Could be completed once;"
☆ Magic Lollypop x1(7Days);

Please make this event again..

Nickname:  ̉๖ۣۜKira
Server: Glory Avenue
I am ̉๖ۣۜKira from Glory Avenue


Hi all,
This is the list I made now about Exchange event only.

PS: What additional items we need for the exchange (or none), like Winter Love / Undying Hearts (and how many) is what I leave to the GM ~
The events I highlighted is what I think we need the most

ID: glukon
User: Glu
Server: Magic Kingdom

--Exchange events--

-Weapon Exchanges-

01. ☆Magic Lollypop +12 (247 Harm)        could exchange to = ☆☆Magic Lollypop +5 (275 Harm, 7 days)

02. ☆☆Troublemaker +12 (248 Harm)        could exchange to = Epic Ice Rod +5 (262 Harm, 7 days)

03. ☆Muramasa +12 (205 Harm)         could exchange to = ☆☆Muramasa +5 (225 Harm, 7 days)

04. ☆Spear +12 (or) ☆Undead Axe +12 (or) ☆Boomerang +12 (or) True Crazy Chick +12 (242 Harm)   could exchange to = Earl Sword +5 (247 Harm, 7 days)

05. ☆Spear +12 (or) ☆Undead Axe +12 (or) ☆Boomerang +12 (or) True Crazy Chick +12 (242 Harm)   could exchange to = Enhance Stone x50 (Permanent)

06. 2x ☆☆Nugget +12 (220 Harm)  could exchange to = ☆☆☆Nugget +5 (245 Harm, 7 days)

07. Keris +12 (242 Harm)          could exchange to = Earl Sword +5 (247 Harm, 7 days)

08. Hyper Car +12 (230 Harm)         could exchange to = ☆Boomerang +5 (242 Harm, 7 days)

09. Mighty Water Gun +12 (230 Harm)  could exchange to = ☆Spear +5 (242 Harm, 7 days)

-Secondary Exchanges-

01. Gulu Shield +12 (50 Armour)        could exchange to = Barok Shield +5 (80 Armour, 7 days)

02. Barok Shield +12 (80 Armour)could exchange to = Guardians Book +5 (80 Armour, 7 days)

03. Angelic Arm +12 (500 Heal)        could exchange to = ☆Angelic Arm +5  (700 Heal, 7 days)

04. ☆Angelic Arm +12 (700 Heal) could exchange to = Mighty Angelic Arm +5 (850 Heal, 7 days)

-Ring/Bracelet Exchanges-

01. Devil Bracelet +5 (or) Stability Bracelet +5 (or) Agility Bracelet +5 (or) Angel Bracelet +5  could exchange to = Enhance Stone x20 (Permanent)

02. Flame Ring +5 (or) Blue Ring +5 (or) Feather Ring +5 (or) Clover Ring +5  could exchange to = Enhance Stone x20 (Permanent)

03. Venus Bracelet +5   could exchange to = Shiva Bracelet +4 (30 days)

04. Romance Ring +5     could exchange to = Hyperion Ring +4 (30 days)

05. Happiness Ring +5   could exchange to = Eternity Ring +5 (30 days)

-Necklace Exchange-

01. ☆Ares Guard (Health+58%) + 10 Undying Hearts    could exchange to = ☆Viola Tricolor's Blessing (Health+63%)
~Glu from Magic Kingdom :)

Pm if u need anything.


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More shit for this HAHGAYBOY Underdog HAHGAYLORD GEYMI-ASS1:3 :) lol xD


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Make Auction House into an event! Make it like a Magical Flea Market/Swap Meet that appears only every weekend or on sunday, either is good, that would be so cool and fun........4fun 4ever!! (⌐■_■),v..
Also, I would like an exchange of  +12 ☆☆ Medical kit (Harm: 220, Permanent) and +3 flame ring  for  ☆☆☆Medkit (Harm: 245, Permanent) please and thank you for listening to my selfish request oh, grand overlord in the sky Amen.

Name: krimp
Server: Lord Land .....NEVER DIE!!


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☆Magic Lollypop +12 (247 Harm)        could exchange to = ☆☆Magic Lollypop (275 Harm)
☆☆☆Nugget +12                                could exchange to = Earl Sword +5

+5 rings/ bracletts +8undying heart                for  /phoenix/snake pet

Nick :  ミ☆BaBy☆ミ

Server: Babylon Garden


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