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[Forum Event] Self Introduction

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Dear Ddtankers,

Valentine’s day is coming, I know some of you are still single in game, how can that happens! (Actually I don’t know how many are there. )

Now hurry to find one before that day comes!

[How to join]: Reply and Indroduce yourself, your nickname, your server, what type of person you are and you like and so on.... Maybe you can contact each other by P.M. if you find someone you like.

Come on, it is a good opportunity, now or never.

Hi I'm Sabrina and sadly I'm already taken by Reizon-Ark but that doesn't mean I can't post here, right? ;D
Ripple Lake - Starfish
Magical Kingdom - Teenquotes


hi all ddtankers  


hi, my name is  ̉๖ۣۜSu. I am from the server Glory Avenue. I am a friendly, cool and patient person. By the way, I came from Indonesia. In DDtank, I am still single and still looking for a wife . I find a good wife, who always help, accept and understand me. I like playing game.


me can i be ur wife
im a boy btw


Hi, I'm Glu from server magic kingdom and my other brothers cannot deny.

*voices in background: "hello glu"*


Hello I am ☭ℒawliet➹ from Shadow Castle.I am a lovely and kind person,but when it comes to protect me and  the ones that I love you won't want to know my bad side but I am a wonderful person.In ddtank I don't have friends I have a family and I just love one person,but sadly I can't marry her.But her heart belongs to me and my heart belongs  to her.Maybe things chance in the future hopefuly I will be able to marry my girl.


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Aiii Ddtankers...

Ok!  Self Introduction there I go

I might not be someone's first choice, but I am a great choice. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, because I'm good at being me. I might not be proud of some of the things I've done in the past, but I'm proud of who I am today. I may not be perfect, but I don't need to be. I am the way God made me. Take me as I am or watch me as I walk away.

P.s: I love youh

buh Bye~
K O U♪
(Divine Manor) Server
MP(Mystic Palace) Server


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Reply 9# stecer

    who r u?
i'm a real bloodorange from mk.


Reply 1# gm028

hi ddtank i hope all server will b ONE


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