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So ddtank community or announce new version update next week or after next week, we all knew that both and game321 update events at the same time, so it means that the new version will be available soon? So a friend give me a link to ddtank2 site. So what's new in ddtank 2?

* Some wings and suits are available in voucher.
* **weapons are available in voucher.
* Outfits, hats, glasses, suit, wings are less expensive in coins. A LOT.
* VIP really matters. I guess.
* There are new kinds of energy stone. Only one kind. No level of ES.
* No more spa.
* Boss in each boatyard task are joined together in a boss fight, but only vip can open this fight.

These are only the things that I see. I am not able to play coz I feel lazy to level the account ) My char there is level 3 lmao. :3

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Yea I follow them alot but i can tell you what I know about the next version:

☆☆Weapons are avalible for voucher (last time I checked its for 30k)
Suits and Wings are avalible for 365 by voucher (same cost as you would pay in shop 5k)
VIP REALLY MATTERS (Posted below) and the gap is increased to level 12
There is only 1 Energy Stone (which will make it harder to level up equipment and also is voucher avalible)
Practice Pills (Lv2) and Jr.Drills are avalible by voucher.
No more spa.
Pet will be avalible for "RENTAL" and VIP people get the better pets and avalible at lv.25
Boss Battle will use coins to go straight to the final stage (some cost at 3k expample was CTH)

VIP Benefits:

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Kinda want to have DDTank 2 and kinda not.


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So ddtank community or announce new ver ...
Ph•☆•αngεℓღ Posted at 2013-5-17 01:05

    don't get too excited for lower priced outfit/hat/wings etc etc. i know which site u r talking about and their coin/$ ratio is 100/1 not 300/1. therefore it's not as cheap as u might think. if the same coin/$ ratio applies here in game321, we will see so many players crying xD


Reply 4# Ameliaklp

    Hahahahaha! Do u think Im excited for the cheap items thats why I want the new version? Laa, you're wrong. I got them already Im excited about the new things like pets and boss fights. ;D

    So regarding the boss fight, lvl 7 vip players are the only one who allowed to play or they are the one only to create the chamber and vip level doesnt matter on the rest of the team?


Reply 5# Ph•☆•αngεℓღ

    Nope, i never said that's the reason u r waiting for the new version. I was pointing out the flaw in ur post that the items are cheap. Also u emphasized the particular sentence by capitalizing 'A LOT', which may mislead other ppl to believe those items are really cheap. In fact, they are NOT.


Reply 6# Ameliaklp


    Dear players, not a lot, just a little not like in the present version. Is this okay now?


How to update to DDTank 2?

i think it's hard to play now! -_-


Reply 8# 7DeadlySin

The update will be announced, and it will happen via maintenance, then you will be able to login and play the new version ^^


When will you get this new version?


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