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Weapon Concept: [Angel's Morning Star]

I collected together some information, and put together a new weapon.

This is based off the [Guardian's Wand], but it is designed for the [☆ Boomerang].

I got the name from looking at the name of a new Angelic Arm coming, which was translated into [Angel's Grace].

[Angel's Grace] is exactly like [Guardian's Book] but it gives +40 to all stats instead of +30 to all stats.
[Angel's Grace] +12:

So my weapon name also has 'Angel' in it to keep the relation between the two items: [Angel's Grace]/[Angel's Morning Star], just like the [Guardian's Book]/[Guardian's Wand].

I found a good example image to use for the weapon luckily, it's exactly how I pictured it in my head. (I am only using an image for +12 however)

[Angel's Morning Star] +12

Offense: 273
Defense: 59
Agility: 241
Luck: 241
Harm: 247 (+528)

This is what I came up with in my spare time xD and I believe the [☆ Boomerang] deserves its own upgrade since the [☆ Undead Axe] has the [Guardian's Wand], and the [☆ Spear] has the [Spartacus' Trident].

I hope you guys like it


They should totally follow your concept and make that weapon. {:


Nicely done right there. Admins should seriously consider this in my opinion.


Game321 can't make the weapon. Only the game creator.



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Where else do you expect me to post my idea then .-.

It's a Suggestion tab, so I figure I can put it here.


nice find and suggestion xenon but this weapon evolution will surely cost a lot but this will not be pin here, we will see and study about your suggestion
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I'm well aware it would cost a lot, preferably in a Top Up event just like the [Guardian's Wand] and [Guardian's Book].

Also thank you kemchie


Looks real big :p
Anyways, support.


Also, I am only at level 9 and my Japanese throwing dart thingamajig is close to being as good as this.
Not to mention my weapon has been fortified and combined and a bunch of other upgrades.


I can assure you, this weapon is very much stronger than the [**Japan Dart].


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