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DDTank Weekend Top-up Event

Event Name: Brave Heart---Song of Torch

Event Duration: Oct.12-14

Event Participation: All servers

Event Content: As one of the best weapons in DD Kingdom, Torch is forged by the best craftsman with months-long effort. It is said that the torch can even burn the hardest thing in the world, not to mention the dragon scale. Only the bravest warrior will be rewarded with this precious weapon.

Event Rules: During this event, DDTank players who purchase coins will receive great rewards! And the top prize will be Torch!!


(1) Top up 1000 - 2999 coins and get Junior Drills x5, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x1

(2) Top up 3000 – 5999 coins and get Junior Drills x10, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x5

(3) Top up 6000 – 8999 and get Junior Drills x15, Attribute Pearl(lv1~3) x2, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x10

(4) Top up 9000 – 11999 Coins and get Venus Bracelet x1, Energy Stone Lv 5 x1, Attribute Pearl(lv1~3) x3, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x15

(5) Top up 12000 – 14999 Coins and get Venus Bracelet+1 x1, Energy Stone Lv 5 x2, Attribute Pearl(lv3~4) x1, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x25

(6) Top up 15000 – above and get Venus Bracelet+2 x1, Energy Stone Lv5 x3, Attribute Pearl(lv3~4) x3, ☆ Angelic Arm Junior Piece x 35

Players who accumulative top up more than 50000 coins can get the glorious weapon: Torch (15 days, Bound)x1, S-Offense Pearl: Repeat Lv4 x1.

                                                                                         DDTank Operating Group
                                                                                                     Oct. 12th ,2012

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