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DDtank 4.0

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ddtank 4.0 will be released in chinese version in about 3 hours
i will maybe be making a few videos about the new features
this is just a post to explain the new features in 4.0 based on the description on the chinese site
Source: pps ddtank

1. pet system.
the pet system will be unlocked at lvl 25, they add stats (agility, offense and stuff like that) and each one has a special feacture
farm(closest translation i got) is a place where u get vegetable to fuse into food for ur pet

2. Welcoming old players
when a player is offline for 30 days, all their equips expired equips will be renewed 30 days automatically, they will lvl up once instantly if under lvl 50, a few exclusive quest, give league a lot of wealth if she/he joins one,

3. New boatyard
A new boatyard that includes all the boss in boatyard.

4. new VIP advantages
free buffs like open angel yar with only 3 hammer, pass a stage with no loss of coins once per day, no glory loss when lf/sf,
vip lvl up system changes to everyone 10c spend will give 1 vip exp

5. New card exp system
i dont really have much info about this, will come back later on

6. New fortifying system
exp system for weapons (i have no clue how this works)
New energy stone system(existing energy stones will be kept)
removal of DA, existing DA will be replaced with %amulet

7.Quest system changes
dont really know how this works either
will come back on this after i try it out myself

8. Championship system changes
Championship system(added in 3.6 i believe) changes, better reward

9. Contest system changes
added with championship system, better rewards, change from 3 groups(20-29, 30-39, 40-50) to 3 groups (20-29, 30-39, 40-60)

10. training system
system added in 3.6 to add more stats, existing training scrolls will be exchange to coins

11. exchange of coins to voucher to medals(u guys wanted this one didnt u lol, well goodjob, ur endless protesting worked)

3000vouchers-1medal-100 coins(cannot be traded)
the only way to trade coins for stuff is to purchase coins, u cannot get coins from selling stuff anymore.
12. cannot exchange coins anymore )=
well im not sure about this one, will add more later

13. no more spa )=

14. change of game screen and stuff

15. no more vanity system, u will now get rewards from quest

16. guided missile
in order to help new players, the people under lvl 15 will always have guided missile on at 0 cost on stam but will deduct 50% of the damage, they can chose to turn it off in the option i believe

wow that was like 30 mins wasted for u guys lol
i might be doing a few videos showing off 4.0 later on

i might record a few videos
please check my channel


they in 4.0 and we in 3.2 great


are you sure its DDT 4.0 not DDT2?like they opening a new game i think


ok,you are right,it can also be called DDT 4.0,not a new game


well even so itssad they closed the spa >.<


Also, you cant perma ** weapon anymore


Well If your looking  to see how DDtank2, or DDtank 4.0 looks there this video about it and maybe you can understand it a little bit.


I know 4.0 would be great as they would come with new weapons,new features such as pets,new additional scenes and new look of course.But you cant make **weapons permanent anymore?what?now that's not fair..

Anyway,here's few videos of ddtank version 4.0 from gunny ... =6&feature=plcp ... =5&feature=plcp

By the way,here's some videos of weapons (kinda cool):
1.Kris(i dont really know what they would name it though) ... 10&feature=plcp
2.Bazooka ... =8&feature=plcp
3.Lastik(the ones used to shoot birds..i guess sorry if im wrong and its not the real name for the weapon :p) ... =7&feature=plcp

Zodiac suits: ... =1&feature=plcp
Sasuke's the one..not me -.-


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Keep on till you're succeed. And for who called me noob, thanks.


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