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Game321 Community Forums Rules of Conduct

Welcome to the Game321 Community Forums! We’ve provided these Rules of Conduct to provide guidelines for new and old members alike on behaviors and activities that are acceptable and encouraged as well as those that are not permitted. Your continued use of the Game321 Community Forums is based on your adherence to these Rules of Conduct.

These Rules of Conduct apply to all threads, posts, private messages, visitor messages on user profiles, social groups, and any other form of communication within Game321 Community Forums (collectively “Forum Content”):

1. Game321 Terms of Service

The Game321 Terms of Service govern all use of the Game321 Service, including and the Game321 Community Forums (“Forum”). Violation of the Terms of Service can result in suspension of your forum account and other Game321 services.

2. Courtesy and Respect

Forum Content must be civil and where possible it should be courteous. The Game321 Forums are a place for positive and constructive interactions between people that play Game321 games or that have an interest in Game321 games. Forum activity such as bumping, petitioning, lobbying, cross posting, threatening to quit, signing or “quote/reply & agreed” or "what he said" a thread is not constructive and is not permitted. Game321 has a zero tolerance policy for content that violates the rules in this section.

Forum Content must not:
1). Be abusive, disrespectful, harassing or hostile and must not haze or attack others.
2). Discuss politics or religion as they do not relate to Game321 games and have a tendency to provoke disagreements.
3). Discuss or debate the moderation of the Forums or the Rules of Conduct.
4). Incite, promote or endorse legal actions or boycotts against Game321 or any other entity.
5). Containing personal information of the people that would not like to share.

Forum Members and their Forum Content must not impersonate or attempt to impersonate Game321 employees or other Forum Members.

3. Privacy

Private communications between forum members, moderators, Game321 employees, and affiliates or partners of Game321 Inc. should remain private.

Forum Content placed in public channels must not include copies of private communications, including support tickets, emails, private messages, and chat logs (Customer Service and Mod Forum is excluded).

4. Viruses, Cheats, Exploits, and H^cks

Forum Content must not:
1). Contain viruses, adware, spyware, worms or any other malicious code.
2). Promote or describe methods for circumventing or manipulating these Rules of Conduct, the Game321 Terms of Service, game rules or the mechanics of any aspect of the Game321 Service.

5. Illegal Content and Copyright

Forum Content must not:
1). Contain (i) pornography; (ii) obscene or sexually explicit remarks or images; (iii) threatening or defamatory remarks or images; (iv) hateful, racially or ethnically offensive remarks or images; (v) descriptions or promotions of illegal activity; or (vi) provide links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned content.
2). Violate any applicable laws, contractual restrictions or any other third party rights.

Game321 will respond to clear notices of alleged copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights infringement.

6. Commercial Activity: Spam, Selling and Scams

Forum Content must not:
1). Spam other members or the community.
2). Contain content, links, or advertisements for non-Game321 products or services, including content describing or promoting the unauthorized sale or transfer of Game321’s virtual goods.
3). Contain content that encourages other forum members to participate in commercial activity or scams that violate Game321’s Terms of Service or Rules of Conduct.

7. Singular IdentityEach community member is limited to one forum account.

8. Signatures
We encourage Forum members to exercise positive self-expression. Forum members may include signatures in their posts.

Signatures must not include more than six lines of text.

Signature images must not: (i) be larger than 800 pixels wide by 350 pixels tall and must not contain animations; and (ii) exceed a file size of 300 kb.

Signatures and signature images that are not consistent with these Rules of Conduct may be removed.

9. Violations of these Rules of Conduct

Forum Content and activity must not violate the letter or spirit of these Rules of Conduct. Forum Moderators and other Game321 staff, in their sole discretion, will determine whether Forum Content or activity is in violation.

Responses to violations may include, but not be limited to: issuing a warning; removing Forum Content; suspending or terminating use of the Forums or other aspects of the Game321 Service.

A failure to strictly enforce any aspect of these Rules of Conduct does not prevent Forum Moderators or other Game321 staff from doing so in the future.

Appeals Process: Members with questions or concerns about these Rules of Conduct and Forum management may direct their questions to a Community Manager.

10. Changes to the Rules of Conduct

Game321 may revise these Rules of Conduct at any time by making changes to this page. You should check this page from time to time to make note of any changes.
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