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Happy April Fool's Day :D

My Friend Gave Me A link to try,and once i opened it it says "Find The Difference"
5 M  |7 s; f$ m. @I Start Finding It But I can't See It  . and 5 seconds later Boom! A Scary Picture Appearce..   D: M3 s/ \9 \+ K

- V4 D. ]  J9 w9 ^5 SSorry For My Bad English..  
+ t! [, U$ l  ]' Q' f- G+ E0 r; i4 n
Name: Voidrin
% ?' I, E6 C, j) HServer: Shadow Castle1 D$ ?, X8 o% p; X+ }8 l& p1 Z9 i

( m, w0 n9 b; f, I

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