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Experience about game DDTank and aimboter

Hi everyone again ! Like the last time, I'm here to continue part 1 i wrote 2 weeks ago about aimboter. Before continuing, I hope someone can read this thread and wish so everybody support me . This time, so sorry because I will not go straight to the main article. I will tell u guys first about my experience , my felling and how i think about DDT and serve Magic Kingdom so u guys can have sthing to trust me. Oops, introducing first : I'm Lady Million or EqualThree, level 40, power 32500 and of course in Mk serve.
     I started the game in December 2011 with the girl named EqualThree ( have no idea about this name because my GF setted it ) when my sis told me. It was kind of fun and it is quite same as 1 game we played before : TAAN online. I think it is not so strange with Korean because it is their game and it was great. More equal, interesting than DDT, u can pick up item only when u shoot boxes or dead partner took it for ya, harder angle and power......makes that game become awesome. It is wondeful time when i played Taan until Chinese bought that trademark, changed it to DDTank and add some more function like level up, upgrade item ( item in Taan is just for decor ), quest.....and 1 more thing : NO NEED DOWNLOADING. PPL quitted Taan, moved to that game and that title become dissapear when u can not seach it on any websote on the whole world. Back to the story, i start DDT with my sis and my GF, play for fun and very NOOOOOOOB at that time ( 31,18% success rate ). We quitted right after that because of boring ( lost so much ). Until January, my best friend told me he had free time and wanna  play some online game with me. I told him about DDT and we agrred, started to play it again .
      SO we really start the game at the beginning of Jan . My friend, quite pro Gunny player ( Vietnamese DDtank ) with me, still noob at that time ( I did not play Gunny be4) and my GF ( has a lot of free time ) cooperate to make EqualThree become most powerful girl in serve. We really started playing as hell when the highest guy is Arielz, level 30. Our rank is like ....5 or ..6 digits ^^. With 3 player, online times about 25/24 and 7/7 , I made EqualThree in top 100 player easily at that time. And I joined Legends league, quite good for me at that time. I was pleased with my account , happy to play everyday until there was a big change with my girl. It was about beginning of February, when i'm LFing and suddenly : YOU GOT KICKED OUT OF LEAGUE BY BerlinCrime. I did try to contact him and he said that because he does not like me, i'm annoying. I did try to pm Jin, leader of Legends also and he couldn't help, try to avoid me ( this guy actually dualling Berlincrime also ). I know there is sthing wrong. I remembered I did tell something about aimbot software and i think they use that in fight and i think that's why they kicked me out. I was furious, nearly giving up because of lost 17000 contribute. And worse thing, my GF cried after that, quitted game the day after. I will never forget 2 aimboter Jin and BerlinCrime, 2 spoiled kids that ruined everything i made.
      We lost our most valuable partner to race to top . Hard time for us but I did not give up, encourage my friend to continue. I asked many good friends to join their league so I could keep on doin LF to get medals. With huge amount time of playing. I reached to 10 easily before thay merged 2 serves . And I was at top 7 when serve is merged and after reaching 40, i'm at top 3 only after King and QuyetTam. I joined Vn_pro ( now is Heroes ) , cooperate with many vietnamese friend to beat Legends.
     Like what i said in the last part, I played alot so i can realize who is the guys using aimbot . And Legends used it alot. At first, only some Vice or strong member in there using it ( Kane, BerlinCrime, Jin......) After Vn-Pro become the strongest league, they give it to many ppl in league and now it is nealry like all of them using them. Dont ask me to tell them all but I can tell u some big name that make everybody annoying about cheating ingame. They r Kerstan, Sabuu,MrxShoody, MeeMooTy, Jin, CrimsonBlaze, Lumination1, Wind, Cikamboi.........They use it almost all times, sometimes dont use it so ppl r easily cheated by them. Not so many ppl could realized it is aimbot until all Koreans and true player quitted Legends because of annoying. Aimbot everywhere, every time..and they don't care about that.
     The first part i wrote is in here : ... amp;extra=page%3D2. And now and i can start part 2 : PROBLEM IN DDTANK CHAMPIONSHIP.
     Like we know, the championship was opened a few weeks ago and everybody was crazy about it. But the main problem of the championship is : Competitors can use their items to fight until top 5 and top 8 , semi final rounds. That's kind of unequal for all players. Who know that some low level really get better skills than the higher level guy. Are all guys with high power always pro-er than low power guys ??? We are not so happy about that. And that's not all . The most serious thing is about the Aimbot software that some player using in championship. Let's me ask u guys 1 question: DO YOU REALLY FELL HAPPY WHEN A GUY USE AIMBOT TO GET THE PRIZE LIKE SPEAR, BOOMER WHEN THE TRUE PLAYER WITH TRUE SKILL GOT NOTHING INGAME ?. And do you guys think that it is kind of stupid when all and admin DONT EVENT REALIZE there is something called AIMBOT in this game ? I dont have to do that , the guy with the forum name LikeWeDontKnow already posted a example about it : ... =player_profilepage. That's it, i don;t know much about aimbot but i think with that clip, u guys can imagine what it is and how it works.
     Things got more crazy when 1 moderator with the name Ayako posted 2 clips about Sabuu and Kerstan and told us that is how they shoot without aimbot. These are 2 clips she showed us : ... channel_video_title
      Ok, Let's me ask you, moderator Ayako and all player : JUST WITH 2 CLIPS LIKE THAT AND SHE CALLED US TRUE MASTER WITHOUT AIMBOT !!! SO WHO KNOWS IF IT IS REAL NOOB Sabuu OR Kerstan IS PLAYING IN THAT CLIP WITHOUT AIMBOT ? They just upload that clip to youtube and show us as the proof to say that they dont use aimbot. SOOOOO FUNNNY!! It is like i murdered 15 people last night and upload the clip helping elder to cross the road this morning. SUCH A STUPID PERSON TO BELIEVE IN THAT 2 CLIP CALL NO AIMBOTER. And can I ask you Modertor Ayako. WHAT IS YOUR LEVEL ? ....HOW LONG HAVE YOU PLAYED DDT ? HOW MANY ROUNDS DO YOU PLAY ? DID YOU PLAY LEAGUE FIGHT AND FREE FIGHT ? ( i think not a lot ). I think you are just a moderator of the forum, who just know about the basic game and basic play. THAT"S WHY I HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS MY EXPERIENCE ABOVE TO PROVE MY SKILL. I'm not a real pro player BUT AT LEAST, I'm good enough to kill ppl and AT LEAST, I think i'm better than you ingame AND AT LEAST, I'm better than you in realizing aimbot. That's all for today and that's all for part 2 I wrote today. Still hope to have part 3 soon about some noob aimboter. For more information, I'm Lady Million™ or used to be EqualThree. And I'm proud to be the one have the most fight in serve ( more than 15000 , even when i'm not pro, just have exp ), proud to be the TRUE PLAYER, not a NOOB AIMBOTER like all guys i told you guys above
      Hope so I can get support from all true player, Vietnamese and Korean to kicked cheaters out of game. FOR A BETTER GAMING AND FOR A BETTER ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!!
      BONUS : CiKamBoi used Trumpet in July 16th 2011 just to say :" OH YES ! I USED AIMBOT..SO WHAT ? " (online at that time and you knew it )

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^ THIS is how you make a proper argument.

(But, you also have to consider that a LOT of the people in Heroes are also using aimbots now. Especially that idiot coin abuser who -suddenly- learned how to shoot at distance 18-20++ with full buffs in only 1 second. -everyone knows how bad your aim is by the way, so it's quite obvious)

Unfortunately, the existing aimbots simply hijack the GUI client side which means that there is no way for anyone to provide definite incriminating proof that they are indeed using an aimbot. The only 'proof' we can provide against a user is a video of them shooting at impossible speeds and accuracy - which can also be made possible with a little luck. Case in point, I have fought a lot of low level players who managed to hit me with full buffs at distance 20+ at their first turn but missed at their next 3-5 turns.

Simply put, the only thing we are providing as evidence is our own personal experience in DDTank.
Quote: "he/she is using an aimbot! trust me/us, we know what we are talking about"

Someone somewhere will always be able to produce a cheating program for ANY game whether it's DDTank or some other MMO as long as there is an existing demand.

So basically, the core problem here doesn't lie with the existence of these programs or cheaters but rather the entire management team of the respective software. It is no big secret that the entire staff of game321's DDTank are incompetent snivelling pigs that are only here to extract value out of their consumers.

(i.e. If anyone here has ever played LineageII they would know that the GMs there actually respond to reports of cheating programs as quick as they could. They would teleport their avatars next to the suspected botter in-game once they are available and a credible report was made. They would then perform a series of tests to verify whether or not the accused is actually using a bot software or not. They actually DO their jobs.

Unfortunately, DDTank is not equipped for such functions, the GMs don't really play the game, and the only thing they do here is provide moderate database maintennance and upload the next patches of the game whenever they want to.)

As of now, the only thing we can do is hope for the best and dream that one day that they would replace their entire staff with people who actually do their jobs.


Consider this post as a formal complaint against the DDTank staff thereby making it exempt from any violations that may or may not have been made against the forum rules (which may or may not have been intentional) other than the fact that it was posted at the wrong section.


That's right dude........and i heard from my friends playing Gunny and Boomz : NO MORE AIMBOT IN 2.6 VERSION.. So GOOD LUCK AIMBOTER !!! Noob will be always noob


Now this one is really good. I mean,.. it really isnt about the aimbot..

its about the ddtank staff blindly taking these peoples side
PROTECTING them? lol seriously... blindly taking those sides.. oh come on..


i have to agree about the the DDTank staff....i played pockie ninja for a while and while im not sure if the have the same staff they obviously take pockie ninja more serious...they(from what i have understood) actually hear the complains of the players and solve the problems.
About first i didnt believe in the existance of this program...i am still doubting it but i find myself more and more believe in its with this thread i have to say thank you b/c you cleared my doubts.Its good that in 2.6 the software will cause to be used and its even better the fact that 2.6 comes out tomorrow making us not wait that long...
Also it has come to my notice that some of the players you mentioned above have stopped/dont play that much...some have actually quit legends.
i know that b/c i currently am in Legends.


The good thing is, Legends's aimbot not gonna work in version 2.6
The sad thing is, there is still a aimbot working in version 2.6


idk.. people..

dont be too sure.. 2.6 doesnt mean no aimbot.. -_-
it doesnt change anything. seriously. its a browser game.
nobody needs to hack anything to get an aimbot work here.

the main problem is the staff .. how they obviously and retardly (if theres even a word) IGNORE... -_-   

i mean? yah theres no way to prove it. but hey. to say "this people play legit"
stop saying they cheat..


I LOVE how you do it


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Reply 1# docaophong1991

note: ayako is a fourm mod, which means she handle the fourm, not the game. specificly her job is to work on the fourm. unlike GM, which are called game master who specificly work on the games. Therefore, there is no point in arguing with her in this fourm. At the same time you're accusing legends of aimbot, same goes for your league "heroes". I'm telling ya, many people from your league have admitted of using aimbot. If you're going to accuse specific people of aimbot, then your back is wide open, because aimbots are everywhere. You're specificly picking out "legends" league of specific players that catches attention. Like i said its discussion about aimbot, which means everyone who has aimbot and use it have a part of this deep crap. Since aimbot falls in the illegal/ hacking program, so does coin hack. If you're going to pick on specificly on legends league then it won't make your post look as good as you planned. Here's my point: use of illegal/ hacking programs should be banned if found out of. I do trust you with your experience, however your arguement isn't very clear about berlincrime and jin, because berlincrime does not play anymore. So this background info is not coherent. And aimbot will be patched tomorrow, so not much worry about it.

   I'm sorry  but sabuu/mrxshoody/meemooty do not use aimbot. and i don't mean the rest of the people you accused use aimbot use aimbot, just that i have proof for the following 3 people. by the way um mrxshoody and meemooty hired pilot people to do their task, and im one of them. here are some videos:

P.S: the koreans quitted legends not because of aimbots* <--- this statement is absolutely true, because i've talked to bentley. He explained that he don't like the arrogant "mrxshoody". Which raises suspicion to your point there, "koreans left legends because of aimbots" While your league is full of aimbots.
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w0h ur aws0me! teach me the angle used by mrsh00dy in this vid "" please! i want the f0rmula dude! hehehehehehehe! tnx in advance!


Koreans left Legends cause of Shoody , no doub.
And the aimbot that Heroes got ( it's 4 people have it totally ) is from Legends ( Which BerlinCrime shared it to some of Legends, Kane made it public and Wind shared it to all of his friends ... lame ) And now Garuda is full of aimbotters ( cuz most of the aimbotters quitted Legends and joined Garuda instead )
Btw, my account NishinoTsukasa ( almost 50.000 power ) got banned forever because i've bought coins from another player ingame, and after that gm said it's "illegal" and deleted both my account and my friend's account ( he borrowed me coins to upgrade his rings and bracelets )... so i guess it's a goodbye to a fricking game, where gm cant even speak english ...


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