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Attack vs Harm & Defense Vs Shield.

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OK... (This was old...)

As some of you may remember... once upon a time some one asked about this.
Here could be the aproximately answers.

Is not about whats the best... is more like... what do them mean and how do this afect the gameplay.

Atack: Means your damage.
Harm: Means your capabiity to damage.
Defense: Means how strong you are.
Shield: Means your capability to reduce, to stand an atack (More like, to reduce the enemie's harm).

So.. you must have equal amount on both.
But... Harm and Shield should always be bigger(If you can) than Atack and defense.

By searching and testing... i found this formula that will help you all to understand more about what do those atributtes do.


This formula affect on opponent without shield.
The best way to try this, is to ask some of you friends to take all of her Gears, and... change weapon (If the weapon has an Armor Atributte Pearl)
You can also try it out on the tribe warriors. They have no defense nor shield.

And, if you want to try it on a normal enemy (Player only.) You can try the full formula.


Thou, i dont know how to apply this to the other enemies (AD), cause i dont know thier defense, nor even if the have shield.

And remember, this is not exactly accurate. It may differ a little, like 10-30 points... or more. (5-10 for me.)

Another fact is sometimes damage are different even you use same items because sometimes damage are computed on how far you hit your target.

  • If you hit directly to the target, it will suffer more damage.
  • If you hit a little far from your target let say a half inch away, he/she will get hit with low damage .
And now... go. Try it out. And post if it work.

Credits: Monster Ipis.

whats anwers?
Madara Uchiha


Such a ramdom question...
i typed wrong.

Fixed now.


хоть что-то бы понять)


hmmm, this is a helpful topic.. ^_^

@.@ Ipis, the chairman of 100% Pinoy.. is that you?


Lol. I think you may find this weird to reply to this thread now. I search in google and I found this result ^^

I get really confused in attack and harm. Most players thinks that if you have a full harm pearls in your items, you are strong. Some says this is not true, they say harm are only to increase your pow and only display so they say attack pearls are way better.

So now after I read this.

" But... Harm and Shield should always be bigger(If you can) than Atack and defense. "

U are saying that Attack/Offense is better?


well i guess attack will be better than harm because im using it LOL

btw i didn't understand the formula LOL


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i dont think shield matters i use it and i only save 10-20 damage lol i test it out how useless.
heres my character ->

if the link dont work
pow 51k
offense 921
defense 887
agility 855
luck 855
harm 859
shield 426
hp 8k

my stats and pow is great, i only use armor to be different from others.


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