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New and upcoming league in Fantasy Forest: Azn*SensAzn

Post Last Edited by aznnerd at 2011-6-4 11:51

Azn*SensAzn was created about 2 months ago. Our accomplishments thus far:
League LvL 4
Shop LvL 1
Armory LvL 4
Backpack LvL 2

Chairman: 1AznNerd

League Titles:
My Hoe

When you enter the league, you will be tagged with the title, "Hobo".

Members who reach 500 contribution will be rewarded an Angelic Arm
Please remember to PM me once you reach 500 contribution to receive your reward.

Members who reach 1000 contribution will be promoted to "Slave" rank from "Hobo"
Again, remind me when you reach 1k contribution to receive your promotion.

The title AznPride will be given at my discretion to members who are helpful and active. Please do not ask for this position as I will promote as I see necessary

Lvl 15+
Be Active, 168+ hrs of inactivity will result in a kick from the league
Friendly - No trash-talking within or outside of the league
Avoid begging and spamming in the league chat
Preferably English speaking

I will be actively updating this thread as needed. Thanks for reading, have fun, and I hope you join Azn*SensAzn!

i Love your league so much though i'm not in it >; everyone are so friendly <3

♥ ドリーム your friend heehee


i am in it its a nice league you can ask lf with ppl if those have time then but dont worry those can help u like me help


It's okay ^^ Thanks for the luck =D

Glad to see a member finally posting on this thread xD Before all the threads were deleted, no one from our league had posted on it


Nice league with kind and funny members . We have a skillful and  ambitious leader, who always tries to do her best for the league :>. So guys, why r u still standing here????? JOIN US US NOW!! :>


I'm in this league too  xD
and i love this league..... all ppl is nice ( except some ppl like to beg )

But i feel so sorry coz i always join n quit n join again =P

JOIN US NOW!!  I'll help the member do their Daily Task ^_^


lol wudan =P Of course I need to be ambitious as a leader, how else will the league thrive?

xD I hope you stay for good this time Xt =D


Damn 500 contribution AN AA?
Im not in this league but it ROCKS
Worth joining that league
Good luck.
Madara Uchiha


Haha thank you ^^ Looking forward to seeing new members in our league


hmmmm this is actully good league with friends if u want a league with friends u help u can join this one its a nice ppl league


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