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Forum Rules

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General Rules

    • No request to become moderators, the staff will appoint one if there is a need to

Signature Rules

    • Only 2 image is allowed
    • Nothing obscene offensive

Avatar Rules

    • Nothing obscene offensive

Posting Rules

    • No duplication of topics
    • No spamming
    • No report of abuse by coping and pasting in-game chat log (use the report abuse in-game)
    • Use English in all forums
    • Be polite, avoid full-caps
    • Do not post just for sake of increasing your post (it is really easy to spot)
    • No personal chit-chat in a thread, use PM
    • No product advertisement, illegal downloads
    • Make sure that your topic titles are sensible and related to the post you contain.
    • No kiddish topics and content
    • Make matured topics probably more on healthy and lively content
    • Do not ever reserve a post.
    • No defaming other people.


What to post:

1. Post about sharing opinions or thoughts on topics that would help the Game321 community to grow.

2. Post topics with meaning.

3. Post topics that make sense...what are the topics that make sense?! observe the forum for samples of sensible topics and don't forget to use your COMMON SENSE!

    • TIP: If you are unsure whether a topic is allowed or not, ask a moderator first!

What not to post:

1. Do not post chain letters or stories.

2. Do not post your personal message to a person, this forum is not a message center, send him/her a private message instead.

3. Do not post accusations of another player especially in scam and hack reports.

4. Do not post in-game chat logs especially in scam and hack reports, instead you can send the staff a private message here.

5. Do not post just to get your post count high.

6. Do not to post topics about other games in Game321 forum. Do not misunderstand can play other games but just don't talk about it in the forums.

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