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[Soluction] Can't play cause of abobe flash player 10.2

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This what I did to remove abode flash 10.2 and put 10.1 again and play ddtank.

1. Download the adobe flash player 10.1  from here

2. Use Control Panel Add/Remove Programs to uninstall Flash Player Plugin (make sure your browser is closed)

3. Reboot your PC

4. Extract the files that you downloaded for abode flash player 10.1

5. You going to see 2 folders 10_1r53_64 ( for 64 bit users) and 10_1r82_76 (for 32 bit users) pick your version and  click on install and enjoy DDTank!!

6. Don't install abode flash player 10.2 until advised on the website
Happy Paradise !!

why does my mozilla browser is requiring 10.2 plug-in?
what can i do about that?


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try this
This is working
Unistall ur Browser?
and install again
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just need a gm to sticky this thread
Happy Paradise !!


Reply 1# tonythetigerx

You have install adobe flash player 10.1 before opening your browser
Happy Paradise !!


D: i followed what you said and it said that the software i am installing is not the most updated one and to go to the website and install the most updated one. Which is FP 10.2 >.< plz help me i dnt want to get kicked out my league



If you are using Firefox uninstall Firefox and re install, if you are using Internet Explorer just install Firefox
Happy Paradise !!


how do i ply? ;(


USE Google chrome .......faster


does this work on google chrome ?? because my google chrome is already flash 10.2


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