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DDTank Opening Events—Gift for first-time charge

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Event Name:Gift for first-time charge
Event Time:Nov 18 ~ Nov 30
Event Content:In order to help novice player level up faster, we are now introducing first-time charge super pack. players who charge for the first time will receive corresponding packs!
Event Rules:During the activity, all DD Tank accounts that never changed can participate. A Newbie Pack will be given away once 100 coins are charged.
Event Rewards:Packet includes: Lv3 Energy Stone×2, Lv2 Dragon Stone×2, Lv2 Tiger Stone ×2, Lv2 Vermilion Stone×2, Lv2 Serpent Stone×2, Amulet15%×1.
Please note: only first-time charge can be rewarded (All the gifts will be sent within five days after the activity ends.)

DDTank Operating Group
November 17th, 2010

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