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Subject: Loading screen stuck forever [Print]

Author: anantagemma    Time: 2017-6-18 01:18     Subject: Loading screen stuck forever

Post Last Edited by anantagemma at 2017-6-18 06:24

After the create-new-character bug, there's the neverending loading screen when i tryna login to Mystic Palace server. I can enter other servers like Eden Garden and load perfectly. Please notice and fix sooner.

Your pleasant ddtank civilians
Author: nowornever22    Time: 2017-6-18 01:34

Post Last Edited by nowornever22 at 2017-6-18 01:37

Fix this weird upload lag, is been the whole day like that...and  soon is the reset time.

The toolbar been stuck at 8/13... 73%... not getting better.


(p.s: I made this new account for forum, because i don't remember my old one.. after 2 years of inactivation lol)

Thank you in advance

Ign: Nyx
Server: Shadow castle
Author: tjrl33    Time: 2017-6-18 03:00

i can not login for 12 hours... please solve this problem.
Author: joymabanag07    Time: 2017-6-18 04:07

It shows in mine too
pls fix it
Author: aiver21    Time: 2017-6-18 07:22

Still not loading!! Fix this bug GM's!
Author: louiejean_at    Time: 2017-6-18 07:59

When is this gonna be fix GM???????
Author: aiver21    Time: 2017-6-22 01:32

Wow they don't seem sorry about this issue, they don't even give awards for having this issue..

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