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Subject: Brainstorming - Pets and Pet features [Print]

Author: Soul マカ    Time: 2011-4-27 00:51     Subject: Brainstorming - Pets and Pet features

This is a place for ideas pertaining to Pets and Pet features for future versions of DDTank.

NOTE: Suggesting an idea doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen,
but it allows the developers to consider possibilities they may not have thought of yet.

Author: SnitcH!    Time: 2011-4-27 05:21

pets?? ok.. i suggest to have a pet that can collect boxes for you.. see that boxes that floats around the game arena??
Author: Nenle    Time: 2011-4-27 08:05

didn't we have a post like this already o.o  ... i posted ideas back then -__- all in vain
Author: abnermonteroso@    Time: 2011-4-27 08:22

Suggest that pet can help fight in battle?   Yeah thats way i like it!
Author: yooko1    Time: 2011-4-28 03:16

a love pet kinda thing where its acts as a ring for marriage but its a teddy bear
Author: demu    Time: 2011-5-8 14:34

want panda
Author: hyperdamz    Time: 2011-5-10 09:43

can pets improve stats of player, and fortify or synhesize?

And can they fire together with its owner ( the player )
Author: luismiguel.tole    Time: 2011-5-12 21:00

Here are some ideas I have:Some might be the same it;s because its very nice ideas.
1. They have a percentage to Heal you by 1000 hp
2.they can boost fortification success rate and synthesizing and others
3. picks cards for you so you get nice rewards in additional scene
4.It can fight
5. You can order them to fight collect boxes or even act as a shield .
                                           Enjoy XD
Author: khayie    Time: 2011-5-14 22:21

i like pets that are so cute..pets that can be groomed and help you in the fight...
Author: puteri956    Time: 2011-5-15 02:07

ok bye
Author: puteri956    Time: 2011-5-15 02:08

Author: bobclog    Time: 2011-5-17 00:08

i want a snake pet that attacks to enemy too wen your on a fight
Author: thuytu95    Time: 2011-5-20 05:26

tuj nghj~ pet dung` de^? tang lc hay djem? hap dan kjeu^? nhu vat djnh tjnh chang han[img]

Author: brianbrito13    Time: 2011-5-20 16:17

A pet like a fairy or a magical cat the gives u health

or a pet that help u move around or even
a cool pet pig that shoot bullet out of hiiiiiiiiIIISs Wait I got an idea use animals to attack like speacil attacks butjust like the pow u have to gain points then press a button!! BRillant
Author: marvincapistran    Time: 2011-5-23 03:12

pets that help you earn coins
Author: sayrook    Time: 2011-5-26 11:46

cade  opet poha
Author: akirafer    Time: 2011-6-2 09:06

i suggest that pet can fortify also so that it can give more weapons pets are changing their looks.... when fortifying level is high...
Author: inusena    Time: 2011-6-3 04:18

-pet can level up
-pet can be named
-can attack.. maybe shortcut is A?
-dont die and dont have hp.. just extra stats for owner
-have level requirements to tame...
-color can be changed
-little barok and leo pets..^^
Author: rasunga    Time: 2011-6-12 12:06

how do u get pets on DDTank?

Author: MaNukey    Time: 2011-6-13 19:56

Here Some ideas
1. Make Pet
2. i think we can combined  Maple Story + DDTank in 2.6
3.Faster make 2.6
Author: Ninchy    Time: 2011-6-19 12:52

I like a big fat piggy, or a big fat kitten,or whale....or...well something REALLY FAT!! XD
i wont be able to afford it since all the coolest stuff is selled for coins but still..
Author: Roxis    Time: 2011-6-25 08:17

a magical pets or something..each pet can help us in different times like some can be help us to go faster.
Author: dd1990tank    Time: 2011-7-1 23:19

What about some kind of pets that have the following characteristics:
1. Different major classes of pets that serve different funtions, eg. healing, attack, or treasure chest hunter (that help pick boxes during additional throwing at the chests apart of the attack throwing), etc
2. Certain fighting room will have chances of appearing wild pets for capturing, that is if you can aim your fire traps accurately at them
3. Forging of pets, maybe that enhance the atributes of the final pets
4. Pets that animates after every moves of the players (cheerleading)?
Author: Aki    Time: 2011-7-1 23:40

To summarize and to modify some of their suggestions,

I. Pet Classes
a. Gulu Angel - Heals your character with a definite amount of HP.
b. Barok Thief - Helps you on collecting those chests in game.
c. Tribe Hunter - Increases the attack damage or whatsoever.
d. Ant Runner - Adds agility, for turns and etc.

I don't really know how to name them, but that's all I've got.

2. Wild Forest - place wherein you can capture pets, but they'll fight it first or whatsoever.

3. Nursery - place wherein you can enhance them.
Author: SilverBlaze    Time: 2011-7-4 09:28

Waaaaaaaaaaah! I agree with Aki ;) Except I don't want those kinds of pets....I mean an ant as a pet?....barok -.-? Isn't it bad enuf u see him wen u do ur gulu task?=] and now u want em to be with you everywhere you go? haha I think not If DDT is to make pets for the game, wait a while before releasing them, the more the time, the more you can brainstorm on pets to have.
Author: monsterman01    Time: 2011-7-15 05:22

How can you know it
Author: Angiie    Time: 2011-7-18 00:01

I super agree with Aki. Hope GM read this :>
Author: cheska lyza    Time: 2011-7-19 02:00

Author: cheska lyza    Time: 2011-7-19 02:01





Author: hana01    Time: 2011-7-19 06:46

Yup Suggets The Pet Will Fight...... I Like That ^^
Author: hana01    Time: 2011-7-19 06:46

Author: chesterkenth    Time: 2011-8-12 10:07

whats pet in ddtank and shell
Author: ilovejewel    Time: 2011-8-12 17:32

how can i get a pet
Author: bbxpower    Time: 2011-8-15 04:54

i got an idea the pets just help u fortify and synthesize and they can fight for u (like they have theyre own turn and u command it)
Author: winnerhead34    Time: 2011-8-20 19:35

I suggest that the pets have different abilities, some collect boxes, some give you more exp, or glory, or prizes, more power... Weak pets can be bought with vouchers and have to be fed everyday, powerful pets can be bought with coins or extreme amount of vouchers and only have to be fed every 2 days. Pets give you bonuses when you feed them.    : D
Author: badz316    Time: 2011-9-6 02:18

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Author: tooprofforu    Time: 2011-9-19 19:56

that u can chuck at ur oppenent, if its a girl then she will be like omg u killed a bear *cry* and then rage quit, then u get a free win lol
Author: mee_mong    Time: 2011-9-20 02:16

i like pets that can revive the dead just by 1% lets see who will be very lucky in the game....or pets that can be customized and can help during the battles.....or pets that can be earn you something gold voucher items etc...for fairness and equality, i dont like it is to be bought its unfair for those who lack coins, its better if you give it in cards...tnx and goodluck
Author: hangumtaimeo1    Time: 2011-10-4 16:51

I think these ideas are nice :
1.there are different catcorys like:healing,amor bost,attack bost...ect,ect have to buy them with medals about 50medals can only equypt 1 pet
4.four pets with the same leval,kind,can be synthesize to a +1 pet
5.they can be upgraded whith food from the shop(coin food are better than voucher) can dress and/or decorate them!
thanks for reading, i hope i helped the devolpers
Author: CHIAI    Time: 2011-10-4 20:09

um how do u get a pet?
Author: -[DDTANK]-VFT30    Time: 2011-10-27 00:53

i Sugges A pet..

Pet Sugges And Effect

Pet Effect :

can collect a item in the battle arena
then he can dammage like 100 dammgae then can fortify like a weapon..hehehe )

Like This pet

Author: Emi    Time: 2011-10-27 05:17

1.Heal pets-like a 2nd aa?...ah nvm scratch that it seems lame =-=''-canceled-
2.buff pets-Eg. nuke/pit buffs that works like arms, or maybe new buffs like 'reflect' or 'pass through' doing pretty much what their names suggest..
-sounds pretty me at least
And please no 'collect chest' offense or anything but it sounds...bland...
P.S. if, by any chance that pets ARE introduced(which im guessing won't be in the near future),do include a pet customizing system as's?...Ugh scratch that ..i've been watching too much fantasy-themed anime lately...Well, gist is..something pet-exclusive.
-moving on-
Offense pets:
........i haven't any idea've only ever thought of pets as a support element of games...
OH and of course a level up system is a DIE-DIE must have!(Scuso my broken english)
And -maybe- reinforcement system?(Stats that affects the effectiveness of what they do be it offense or support...stuff...)
And some pets only obtainable through metallurgy like *AA's and such but please, just please , no 'Success rateower'
Oh and maybe some cool pets being vip xclusive(I mean, sooner or later you HAVE to add some more appeal to the vip system..there ain't much benefits from being a vip atm)
Well that's enough of my babbling, i've more 'suggestions' in my head but nothing much that's sure atm and well...sry for being long winded...stubborn habit of mine that refuses to go away =3=
Author: dereaa_14    Time: 2011-11-12 19:04

pai lakas player ko po
Author: Filco    Time: 2011-11-21 12:10

they should make the pets upgradable and they should be able to use pearls and we should have a choice to hide them so they dont show in battle. like how we can hide are hat,glasses and suit.
Author: gaaaaana    Time: 2011-11-21 20:25

Reply 44# Filco

    I suggest that pet has a stage (like wat a player suggested).

Stage: 1 -  it will be on ur box but as it is still unfamiliar with u ,it wont let u take it out to battle field .  

Stage: 2 - after some time of nuturing trust, it allow u to take to battle field but wont stay for long>> scared .

Stage: 3 - uve nuture some feeling for each other, it will cry  for u if u " died " on battle field.

Stage: 4 - when he grow muturer it will do quirky stuff or say (hilarious lines u ve taught it) to make ur opponent laugh  .
                 But jus to distract em, hence ,help u to win.
Author: kemchie    Time: 2011-11-22 01:05

+1 on filco and gaaaaaana, for me this pet thing should be added in our daily task ^_^
Author: ninjatyo    Time: 2011-11-23 01:55

want dragon
Author: ninjatyo    Time: 2011-11-23 01:59

Author: ninjatyo    Time: 2011-11-23 02:02

Author: nightmare321    Time: 2011-11-27 13:24

Lol guys,i just wish the pets are not only bought by coins,at least some lower ones are bought with vouchers and flipped and taken in the flipping or cards,and also,helping us to fight,able to fortrify the pets too.Of course,for girls,Groom them(pets)Good luck!
Author: Blade    Time: 2011-11-28 18:20

I would like a pet that can attack other players and that you can make it stronget by forfitying it and it can also help you collect boxes in battle the pet can be a ant gulu any of the boatyard minimonsters
Author: mjloza21    Time: 2011-11-29 04:11

i need pets
can you give me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ please gm!!
Author: rrgttefimo123    Time: 2011-12-1 08:21

i want pet thanatos
Author: donokikumaru    Time: 2011-12-21 13:55

i also suggest pets help us gain more power<increase 15 offense, luck 15, agility 20, deffense 25>.
Author: shadowkint    Time: 2011-12-22 00:50

I think pet should be beside the player.After a round the pet will heal you 100 , 200 , 300 or even 400. I think it will be good to give a pet to level 20 to make them more interest in playing DDTank.The pet system will also attract more people to play DDTank around the world.
Author: shadowkint    Time: 2011-12-22 00:51

so I suggest to make the pet system . I'll also suggest to be a pet dog , cat , lion , tiger , or even leopard so please make the pet system.
Author: JioBearNEW    Time: 2011-12-22 01:05

ahahahaha i have simple request to pet, PET that will help me on fortification and Assist me me in fights
Author: soulrper10000    Time: 2011-12-22 01:12

get pets to increase specific stats like health, harm, offense, and other stuff
Making a pet store isn't a bad idea too?
Author: kemchie    Time: 2011-12-22 04:14

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hmmm as i read those suggestions and opinions of players, i would suggest that we can have 1 pet for every boatyard task meaning, a pet for Gulu task, a pet for Dragon zone, a pet for CTH and etc. why those have i am pertaining and suggesting should have their own capabilties and task too (task speciality) this would be the players part in order to finish the per boatyard task. and it should be upgradable and can me synthesized in order to maximized its capabilities in fighting in their designated area in boatyard task .... and in Free Fight and League Fight, all of your pets are activated and additional to our attrubutes pearl, e.g when being dug, 1 pet will be activated and will help you  prevented from being dug, anti dig should be twice in every 2 rounds, 1 for the pit(Stable Pearl) and 1 for the pet. the more upgrade and more synthesized on the pet the more he grow stong. of course just like any other pet, it should have its limits (i hope you get what i mean).

actually my ideas now came from all of your suggestions and opinions and since in ver. 3.0 we are gathering cards that contribute in our attributes and stats, i suggest the adding another buttons/rooms for the pet too. and upon collecting the pets and completed it you will have your pet beast will all the attributes of all the pets in 1. i hope i caught all your attention in this. pls see illu. below:
Author: justibroke12    Time: 2011-12-22 05:34

kemchie!! idol!! YOUR THE BEST!!!! NICE IDEA!!! I BIG (AGREE)

Author: kemchie    Time: 2011-12-22 09:41

Post Last Edited by kunemetsu_2 at 2011-12-24 05:52

Reply 60# justibroke12

as the idea goes it will have "All Attributes" Attack, Defense, Luck, and Agility i hope they will see and amend this idea ^_^
Author: GokuEminem55    Time: 2011-12-27 20:45

1. can be controlled by you at all times
2. can be killed
3. every other turn after it gets killed
4. can be upgraded
5. can heal owner and hurt opponent
6. obtain items in the boxes during fights
7. gives hints for turning cards every 15 fights(boatyard/game house)
8. raises success rate for fortification based upon lvl of itself
9. helps you level up faster based upon lvl of itself
10. gives you extra EXP. in the spa based on your lvl
11. i'm out of ideas
Author: dargonkill    Time: 2011-12-28 21:02

try making it help u boost your attack power and fashion come up with pets that are mythical like a dragon etc or maybe pets like gulu tribe warrior ant pet monsters from the game
Author: brazal    Time: 2012-1-15 21:54

i wish there are pets who are depends on their types like attacker defender lucky and add agility and also wish that when i wear wings i wish it can use to fly or hover.
Author: FallenAngel    Time: 2012-1-17 04:16

pets.......... can we have shells like other websites do before we move on to other stuff?
Author: dody3072001    Time: 2012-1-23 16:33


Author: cheska lyza    Time: 2012-1-27 06:58

a pet that always at ur back..^^

Author: happyfeet2403    Time: 2012-2-1 05:12

can we have weapons like pets ??
i like to throw a Cat
Author: donokikumaru    Time: 2012-2-20 06:32

I don't see any pets in the shop.
Author: Kody =P~    Time: 2012-2-26 22:15

pet could be use as another life for the player !
Author: jsmjsua    Time: 2012-3-12 18:47

oi td vx gd  bd b dbnjhrm brun vc dkd ld kkkkkkkkk............*****************mdjdmgkd


Author: jsmjsua    Time: 2012-3-12 18:49

  1. [color=Magenta]sim[color=SlateGray] vf[/color][/color]
Copy Code
[img][/img]  dnbzx ns xbnz nbgdmsjdhd d xh d

djdhystd vc vvc  brun yuri xcmsm sim  nio hshs
Author: beautubog    Time: 2012-3-18 01:10

-_-' -_-

Author: kemchie    Time: 2012-3-25 03:57

hmmm guys, update for the pets ^_^

one of our friends googling around and found this, link below: ... &highlight=PETS

so meaning it is quite similar ro the one i have just suggested, as the images shown, it can me upagraded, so all the thing we have to do now as I said on the other thread, lets hope and pray when will this come

@justibroke, tol astig ng pet ant ^_^ yung knights
Author: Zack    Time: 2012-3-31 10:44

LOL if you said it like that,its better if we own them all
Author: Kiku    Time: 2012-4-11 18:06

When is DDT is starting to sell the pets?
Author: 你被.....秒杀了    Time: 2012-4-11 18:18

Reply 76# Kiku

    well so far chinese doesnt have it yet (i think, havent checked in a while now)
so a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time
Author: HeartFella    Time: 2012-4-18 08:34

I like pet like lion and dog
That all...

Author: naji55    Time: 2012-4-25 05:19

well i think we should get a dozen of pets 1- has a percentage to freeze enimes 2- can apply DoT(damage over time) 3- can heal you for 350 to 1200 4- can move you to the location that you choose (once per 3 turns)  5- adds 10% to 50% damage 6- can hide temporarly for 3 turns 7- can reduce taken damage by 10% to 30% 8- can improve power by 500 to 1500 9-reduces enemy defence by 50 to 150 10- makes monsters (only in boatyard) get stun or poisn (by chance). well i gave ten ideas and they're all based on their levels
Author: sultan199999    Time: 2012-5-19 21:37

i wish ther are free not all weak one
Author: yoogames_321    Time: 2012-5-20 08:39

is it true???
Author: yoogames_321    Time: 2012-5-20 08:40

Author: yoogames_321    Time: 2012-5-20 08:48

Author: yoogames_321    Time: 2012-5-20 22:09

guys do you know where to get a pet......please reply immediately
Author: ryanbruner    Time: 2012-6-9 22:55

i wnt a koala
Author: sultan199999    Time: 2012-6-10 22:15

we want it to be free
Author: steamjet    Time: 2012-6-23 07:16

i dont always see players with pets o.o
Author: sultan199999    Time: 2012-6-23 08:29

ther is pet in ddtank 4.0
Author: steamjet    Time: 2012-6-27 02:25

4.0?? its released? rofl
Author: death_rider    Time: 2012-6-29 00:03

Well how about a dragon for flame user only as a pet damage: offence 20 deffence 10 agility 10 luck 10 and it can be raised in off... deff... agil... luck....????
Well for  nuggets user only how about a big hen boss but not as big for a pet off 10 deff 10 agil 5 luck 5???
well how about for tiki spear user only a tiki boss as a pet but not as big off 25 deff 15 agil 15 luck 15???
an for laser user only a gulu boss but not as big off 15 deff 7 agil 7 luck 7???
an for cannon a gulu big bomb as a pet off 10 deff 15 agil 5 luck 5 ????

just some ideals using the charaters in the game??
Author: alexutu12345    Time: 2012-7-6 23:44

1.should have 3 lvls...the lvl should increase like the vip lvl up after x days
2.attack every 3 turns for a 75%/100%/150%
3.can be sacrificed by master to get a shiels bonus for 1-2 turns
4.can get treasures in battle...only 1 /2 turns
5.should have a skill...depending on what pet it is...for example chicken can peck the enemy and make him bleed,bomb will give instant damage(low but not affected by armor),gulu will heal you .....etc.....the skills must not be overpowered and the damaging ones shouldn't be able to kill enemy(except the monsters)
Author: w7xp    Time: 2012-7-14 07:39

Reply 1# Soul マカ
Plis use translater"eu ja sei que tem o ddtank II que tem pet  por que voces não inovem e fasssam pets relativos das instancias e criem novas 3 instancias alguma sobre as aguias pet da atributo e ainda da um ataque amais no seu round ou vez em portuguess valeu por ler" language are in portuges.
Author: timujin14@yahoo    Time: 2012-7-24 22:21

i would suggest that, a pet that would attack enemy near you, like a melee weapon then like an aa, heal you, on a percentage
Author: vardenssparta    Time: 2012-7-27 01:40

How to Get a Pet is expert
Author: redzawi08@yahoo    Time: 2012-8-3 03:20

buy pet use voucher
Author: e_canumay@yahoo    Time: 2012-8-6 04:37

Author: ilovethat    Time: 2012-8-20 07:15

i want a pet amh... that  always fly and i will see the loots
Author: wakii55    Time: 2012-8-21 08:16

i suggest a pet that can hit..heal...loot an item...and protect u...
Author: shah1383    Time: 2012-9-28 18:36

-addtional heal during using AA
-pet can be upgrade
-addtional exp
-addtional fortification boost
-pets fight for exp
Author: lawzliet    Time: 2012-11-3 23:12

Post Last Edited by lawzliet at 2012-11-4 04:13

heals you more exp when u lvl it up fight or do activities/tasks for exp,armory boosts,generates 100 coins each month, gets souls for you when ur dead gives u 10% boost on damage more higher lvl max of 6 lvls lets you have a little pet sign like the heart when ur married put in play pen to generate exp and have a vaniti for 100 points on getting a pet pet is perm 1k each and different variaties of pets with different boosts anime style pets

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