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Subject: Things to remember when making a suggestion [Print]

Author: Soul マカ    Time: 2011-4-23 05:07     Subject: Things to remember when making a suggestion

I have been reading the "Suggestion Forum" and I have saw quite a few topics that are suggesting things without thinking if it has a chance of being implemented or not. Here is a explanation of what to suggest, and why some suggestions cannot be approved.

Writing a Suggestion

    • When writing a suggestion to improve the game or say something they should get rid of, it's very important to write it in the nicest way you can. Even if you don't realize your being rude, other people may.

    • When writing a suggestion to improve the game or say something they should get rid of, it's very important to think if it could help the game and if your suggestion has a chance of being implemented.

    • The patch of our game is the same as the patch of version China, and so suggesting unnecessary ideas will be ignored because obviously, everything china has will also turn out as our own.

Why is it not okay to post pictures and suggestions from other sites/games?

The reason for this is because of COPYRIGHT. If Game321 created an item from other sites/games without permission they'd be invading copyright laws. Game321 could be sued and would have to shutdown due to not enough money after being sued.

Converting Gold, Vouchers, Medals to Coins or Removing Coins

No, Game321 cannot make it possible to convert gold, vouchers, and medals to coins or remove the coin system. This is because Game321 relies on the coins to continue operating. If players were allowed to turn the gold, vouchers, and medals (free) into credits (paid for with real money) Game321 would lose its income and would have to close.

Negative Feedback

Game321 staff wants bad feedback too! They want to know how to improve the game! If people say something that isn't good, they want to know that! But when you are a negative influence to the other players, that is what they don't want.

Being a negative influence?

Complaining and complaining 24/7 and making others feel bad when they like what somebody does not like. No matter how hard you try, there will always be somebody who doesn't like it. If you don't like something in the game, sure suggest for it to be better but if you hate the way the game is created, (i.e. Maps where you could dig, a very important part of the game to make it real) It won't be removed for a very long time.

What to post:

Hello, perhaps if you could (put your suggestion, and your own reason) I think this will help the game a lot.

What not to post:

Hey! You remove this item now or I'll leave this stupid game!

Always remember to try and create original ideas and us players are looking forward on reading them.

Author: makazashi    Time: 2011-6-2 00:59

omg G.M my char got hacked wtf is this
Author: barbizan2011    Time: 2011-6-13 12:46

I was robbed by a player called Netinho333 and he is still spreading the word that I robei him.
  he stole an angelic arm snapping heal and then get out of my face
Author: SilverBlaze    Time: 2011-7-4 09:45

lol this is not where you go to tell G.Ms u got scammed/hacked and in the end when you look back, you will say, "OMG...I was the one that gave him my password and believed him!"
Author: dynamite01    Time: 2011-8-7 02:09

SilverBlaze idol woohhooo
Author: winnerhead34    Time: 2011-8-21 01:37

I suggest, we can earn coins by doing offers and surveys
Author: nightmare321    Time: 2011-11-27 14:32

Yea,i agree too,earning coins by doing offers and surveys,of course,not the ones that requires usage of phones.
Author: ninjatyo    Time: 2011-12-14 21:41

i AGREE!!!!!!!
Author: donokikumaru    Time: 2011-12-21 14:25

I realy think i agree with the top of this page.
We must say good things about this game and not talk about "this game is so damn freaking bad". You all must think this game is bad but you all dont know about something. "This game use brain" that is the keyword of this game. You guy might think im a newbie about post but dont think i dont have brain and hand to type this kind of comment. If people call you guys a "noob" let them be, a word noob is not about gamming, its about a human being who dont know how to use internet. They dont even know how to shoot, they call us noob, we shoot them, they call us a noob. How weird is that?. I play this game about a hundred days ago. I dont even feel bored. I try to be nice to all people in that game but you all know what those level 30 and above say, right?. I just wanted to say to all players in DDTank, this game use a single preasure in your brain. So, please dont get bored and angry about this game.

Shadow Castle
Level 24
4599 Power

NOTE: Everybody might be mad at this game because its hard to fortify your weapon, but please be patient about this game.
           Its like your own life, always failed in your examinations. Your parents mad at you. What would you guys do?. KILL THEM? no, right?
           you guys cant even kill them. What would you guys do? patient, right?. I realy agree about the top page of this page.
Author: donokikumaru    Time: 2011-12-21 14:34

I think SiverBlaze is correct too. You all always say to G.Ms like that. "I gave him my password" and for what reasons? Dont tell us for no reasons. I dont wanna hurt you all feellings but that is true.
Author: donokikumaru    Time: 2011-12-21 14:38

Post Last Edited by donokikumaru at 2011-12-21 19:51

I also agree with SilverBlaze again. You all cant say to G.Ms that " I gave him my password ". For what reasons? Dont tell us theres for no reasons. If anybody want to say something to me just reply. Hope you all understand...
Author: megatron13    Time: 2011-12-24 00:49

wh y i cant  play dd tank whats wrong in that game can someone tell to me why i cant play before maintenance i play it after maintenance i cant play whats thee hell is that?please wait 2 seconds for an uncompressed image, or press Ctrl+F5 for original quality page
Author: Bounce (DJ)    Time: 2012-2-13 04:31

I suggest the price of coins just to get lowered to a more play friendly price. The prices the coins now have are even more expensive then paying 27 euros each 2 months for World Of Warcraft, A game that stands technically, visually and actually just all game standards way higher than this game.
Author: per225    Time: 2012-3-6 15:38

i dont know
Author: akillys123    Time: 2012-3-11 15:09

cida araujo
Author: claudine21    Time: 2012-11-12 04:46

hi pls give me some e weapon
Author: lawzliet    Time: 2012-11-12 07:46

Lol beggars
Author: medooka123    Time: 2016-2-10 20:02

hi help my this porblam hir
Author: geymias1    Time: 2016-3-18 16:31

Fuck face geymias1 is back!!!!!
Author: xmacubasss    Time: 2016-3-18 16:32

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2016-3-18 16:52

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2016-3-19 18:26

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.

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