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Subject: cant log in with google or facebook account [Print]

Author: loelalilee    Time: 2010-11-22 16:17     Subject: cant log in with google or facebook account

i have a problem.

i cant seem to log in using both facebook or google account.
it shows a window that is tries to log in, afterwards it closes like always.
but normaly i will show that the autentification is succesfull or not. now nothing happens.

is this a known problem?

ps: i made a new account to post this message. i noticed that while a password containing letters, numbers and signs like '+' is considerd strong but still gives a error. if signs are not allowed, please make it more clear

Author: gm003    Time: 2010-11-22 21:33

if it  shows that the autentification is succesfull, it means you have logged in, you should refresh your page, then you can click "Start Game" to begin your game.
when register new account  in ngames, you cannot put special character in the name, such as +-_ and so on, they are all not allowed.
Author: nangbatapasipra    Time: 2010-11-22 22:58

I'm having the same problem with logging in forum and in-game, but now, connecting using google or any acccount can help you by logging in first in facebook then opening DDTANK page, it will automatically log you in after the page was completely buff. hope this will help.
Author: gm003    Time: 2010-11-23 04:25

Reply 3# nangbatapasipra

    yeah , you r right, ty for your help
Author: nangbatapasipra    Time: 2010-11-23 21:44

No problem
Author: gm003    Time: 2010-11-23 22:47

Author: ×FreeHiT×    Time: 2011-1-17 22:52

told you GM's it is a problem.i suggest that you stop using that connect thinggy to log in and let us change out passport id for the better.
Author: Xannie47    Time: 2011-4-17 01:07

yea. thanks for the answer
Author: develona    Time: 2011-4-21 06:11

im having the same trouble too.. it seems that it happens to me for the first time from a long time of playing.. cant log in with , my accnt using google chrome..though i can try diffrent browser.. googlechrom is much more more reliable and faster compared to mozilla.. wat shud i do??
Author: profesor99    Time: 2011-5-26 07:19

im having problem....
the problem why always re log in???
i already log in but i must log in???
what happen in log in in ddtank????
Author: angheljose@yaho    Time: 2011-5-26 08:05

the F@#k is going on here. i cannot log in with my passport ID. its happening on browsers. something should be done about this. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: rjkeshq2    Time: 2011-5-26 08:10

zzz it goes back to sign in zzzz
Author: angheljose@yaho    Time: 2011-5-26 08:17

FIX the PROBLEM PLEASE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: 6nick9    Time: 2011-6-22 01:40

hey!! what happen to this game i cant log in
Author: maynoon    Time: 2011-7-11 06:27

lol i have a problem...
the problem when i login
i get account in ddtank lvl 35 with coins
and i can't login it Why???
pls Admin/gms Help me
to write for u id and password
add me in
Author: maynoon    Time: 2011-7-11 06:28 *_*
Author: maynoon    Time: 2011-7-11 06:29

  1. SaKran
Copy Code
Author: maynoon    Time: 2011-7-13 04:54

i Can Log In
Author: lovestars87    Time: 2011-8-8 00:44

it login for 85% and fail.....zzzz
Author: chesterkenth998    Time: 2011-8-13 03:34

just rejister
Author: picel.fd09@gmai    Time: 2011-8-13 03:38

omg the server is so messedup @_@ 99% and failed
Author: kuyakeem99    Time: 2011-9-17 08:38

i log but cant loading its is white Pilipinas..
Author: shenglu    Time: 2011-9-30 00:15

General Motors, it is recommended that you stop using a problem.i the connection thinggy log in and let us change the passport number is better.
Author: imverybored    Time: 2011-10-26 10:16

im having a problem.. after i logged in i then I Started the game. but the game doesnt load. i tried it over 10 times already. what happened to this?
Author: farisnaoum    Time: 2011-11-18 19:16

OMG how i start it?
Author: farisnaoum    Time: 2011-11-18 19:18

Reply 10# profesor99

log in then play ddtank
Author: farisnaoum    Time: 2011-11-18 19:20

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Author: farisnaoum    Time: 2011-11-18 19:21

Reply 26# farisnaoum

    users do that clilk the start button   
Author: kemchie    Time: 2011-11-18 23:56

zzzzz uhmmmmm... guys, try clearing you cache, and try another browser, and also, kindly check your connection ( Reset Router) if this still continue, try update your flash player.

lastly, if still like this, buy another PC or Laptop (joke!) just follow the suggetions above, chill out and enjoy the game. ^_^
Author: farisnaoum    Time: 2011-12-6 20:40

Reply 29# kemchie

    1st go to soucer wab
go to carebear fun park
go to pom r spice park

Author: farisnaoum    Time: 2011-12-11 21:35

Reply 30# farisnaoum

Author: aloysiustay2001    Time: 2012-2-18 03:17

help me i can't go ddtank
Author: phoebe14    Time: 2012-2-19 12:27

im having a problem GM missing in plug in how can i solve this??tnx GM
Author: far777    Time: 2012-4-23 20:28

Reply 10# profesor99

    Mabie you can restart is like ",+," and this "==="
Author: marc_leo08@yaho    Time: 2012-6-6 22:11

i have a problem GM..
my problem is when im log in.
my account cannot see..
we need to create a new account..
my old account, i cannot open it..
what will i do?to open my old account?
Author: Kersteiinッ    Time: 2012-7-28 01:04

Reply 10# profesor99

    Ask the moderators.
Author: Little-Kid    Time: 2012-8-3 05:51

i got problem too .. when im log in here in google chrome ... theres lag >.< and my screen shaking  ....
Author: Ŗïţž    Time: 2012-8-3 05:52

Reply 37# Little-Kid

    The solution for that problem is explained in this topic ... &extra=page%3D1
Author: devilik13@yahoo    Time: 2012-8-5 07:31

Can someone help me? everytime I try to log in, a box always appears and tells me that i am disconnected pls relog, what will I do?
Author: kakatence2    Time: 2012-9-22 00:25

i forgot password to bagpack ;(
Author: kakatence2    Time: 2012-9-22 00:25

please what can i do g m  ;(
Author: ㎩n㎗㎡ic    Time: 2012-9-22 01:48

please what can i do g m  ;(
kakatence2 Posted at 22-9-2012 07:25

    A backpack password is created together with a security question so you could remove the password whever you forget it.
If you don't know your security question then contact live support and prepare all the details about your account, including last money transaction if you've had any.
Author: kakatence2    Time: 2012-9-23 15:41

Reply 42# ㎩n㎗㎡ic
Author: kakatence2    Time: 2012-9-23 15:42

need help to do that idk how  contacted in live like 4times wtf help me
Author: ashkatchum62@ya    Time: 2012-11-30 03:36

sir i cant log in ddtank...after its finish  maintenance..what should i do?..please help
Author: robertmakijewsk    Time: 2013-1-19 22:09

Hello I  m ♥BlingBling♥

I bought a shop in Bushido stone for 3999c and I am playing with the Bushido stone after Chutulu normal for the task so that I get Mursama but I played it through and my task is fixed and can not get a weapon Mursama I've been playing 2-3 in normal times druch chutulu but my task is not fulfilled ... please help me thank you
Author: hohojames1    Time: 2013-5-9 22:22

hey gm i cant open my account in FB please fix this...
Author: hohojames1    Time: 2013-5-9 22:27

IGN(in game name) = Last1Standing
Server = Lord Land
Level = 28
Power = 21142
+12 weapon
**TV SET (permanent )
Fix this GM please i really need this account please..
Thank You
Author: princeprudencio    Time: 2013-11-2 00:46

Author: lamir123    Time: 2013-11-17 18:10

There is no problem most likley you are using ddtank luancher sometimes you have to relog when you use it the highest number is about12 times sorry for any inconvienince
Author: Agram07    Time: 2014-8-16 20:32

i cant login w/ my MK acc? what is the prob here? the same page shows after 13/13 notice??
Author: rocklee003    Time: 2014-12-30 12:51

mine stays on loading screen forever Im using chrome and it started after I cleared cache for xmas event -_-
Author:    Time: 2015-4-4 23:38

Cant log in my old DDTANK!!!!!!!!!! Its +12 already i logged in just now and it wants me to make a new old. Please help me
Author: gm028    Time: 2015-4-7 01:14

Cant log in my old DDTANK!!!!!!!!!! Its +12 already i logged in just now and it wants me to make a n ... Posted at 2015-4-5 04:38

Hi ryjooo,

Thanks for reaching out us.

I am wonder that how long you havn't log in?  Kindly be informed that we did a clear before, those characters havn't log in for a long time and lvl. below 12 might not exist there any more.
Author: an11101996    Time: 2015-11-13 22:48

how to get winter love??the mysterious event exchanges??
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2015-11-14 06:36

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: fancytarkigirl@    Time: 2015-11-20 11:30

Hey guys, I need your help. anybody here have felt the private connection problem? I can't open my acc bcoz of that, please help me if you can open your acc. thankyou
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2015-11-20 11:41

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: gm028    Time: 2015-11-24 01:18

Dear players,

We are very sorry for the log in  bug days ago and always thanks for your support.
Author: geymias1    Time: 2016-3-18 16:29

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Author: xmacubasss    Time: 2016-3-18 16:29

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Author: xmacubass    Time: 2016-3-18 16:50

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Author: gamias1    Time: 2016-3-19 12:17

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2016-3-19 18:22

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Author: gamias1    Time: 2016-3-19 18:23

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2016-3-19 19:24

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: gamias1    Time: 2016-3-19 20:20

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: xmacubass    Time: 2016-7-9 04:47

Tips: The Author has been banned or deleted.
Author: paolo_caedo@yah    Time: 2018-3-22 22:21

pls help me bring back my old account,

i recently got the internet connection and i want to give my old account to my younger cousin. I introduce to him this game and promise to give my account.
but if you cant then ill guess thank you for the effort the username is Itchigo912. this is just a new account in order to comply for my older account.

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