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When will you repair DDT Kingdom-Gear Upgrade Bug?

Post Last Edited by xaczhen at 2017-12-27 15:17

I got this bug again today.
Last time, i already report this error, but i think this bug get no repairs.
I upgrade my Memory from+10 to +11 and i get Card Spirit Chest x15 and Spirit Pill x50.
It has been written in the announcement that the reward for upgrade to +11 was Adv. Magic Stone x20 and Spirit Pill x50
I only got the Mid Magic Stones as a replacement when it happened last time.
I need to get my reward as it written in the announcement.
Please repair this error. Thank you.

Character name: zhen™
Level: 47
Server: Fantasy Forest
Time: December 27 2017, 9:40PM (GMT+7)
It already happened twice
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No one respond to this one..These so called G.M's dont really do their job..No wonder we got ton's of bugged event and server ..If this continues more people will leave your game . Many had already left , im pretty sure the others will follow soon due to ways you handle the game..Is it all money ??


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