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aimbotdog5=๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠ is not the real ๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠

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Post Last Edited by hjjhjje at 2016-9-24 05:15

GM i kindly aprreciate if you could delete this thread about ๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠  <<< she's not the real ๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠
Guys someone here pretends to be ๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠
don't believe the  threads about ๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠
aimbotdog5=๖ۜAиɢєℓ♠  << is fake
someone claims to be her
and i'm 100% that is  Pimmeljo or xmacubass= ๖ۣۜKuzanaagi93 or Tian使ღ  or Keemi♥  or icнigσ or moonix or maru who did this because i know how much they hate elysion league and angel
so don't believe it
So better ignore these kind of threads who's spreading fake rumors about angel
hjjehjje << is not me he's a faker
Ty gm

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