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About Mighty Army

Hey gm,

I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to make better rewards for Mighty Army. By that, I noticed that we ain't that much players ( League in whole Ddtank Game321), so the problem is, there no good rewards for place 3-4. Only place 1 can get the good rings, unhance Starsluck, cards spirit, etc.

But no league can get second place Rewards. <- This need to be fixed. Cause seriously it need a lot of works just to reach the overseas competition.

Thank in advance^^ to take a look at this technical game problem.
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Make it only playable through game client
so the damn noob who cant aim and play properly will go panic


i want 2nd reward


Reply 1# stecer

Dear player
sorry to say but we'll not have this future event,
Hope you understand.
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