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(permanent) Fallen Angel's Sickel

I'd like to know how I can make my rare weapon permanent. I see players in the game that have their Fallen Angel's Sickle made permanent. I always need to pay per month 499 coins. Now I'd like to know how to make my weapon permanent which would save me the hassle of always renewing

If you don't believe me, look..
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It "MAYBE" a bug in the Upgrading System. Normally you always would hafta renew your scythe for 499c but recently there are some bugs within the Upgrading System.

For Example, if you upgrade Axe to III it turns into Ares, one of the three Legendary God Weapons of DDTank. Once it turns into Ares you cant covert it back to any other weapon and you're stuck.

So there is a good chance it might be bugged but with a few "internal" maintenances stuff like this should be fixed.


Dear player,

Pls kindly notice that it can't be permanent and it's been fixed already, happy gaming!


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