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Inappropriate in game name cleaning notice

We will be holding a cleaning of all inappropriate in game names throughout the game321 games. Because our games are meant to be a safe and appropriate environment for players we are now stepping up the policy of the nature of in game names.

While IGNs are up to the player to make some players find it funny to make ones with inappropriate content in it. In which are not suitable to the younger players and are not needed in our game because it is not positive for the gaming environment. So in order to maintain a positive environment all inappropriate IGNs will have the connected characters banned.

For games that support a name change function you will be given a chance to change your name to something appropriate, the duration being 3-7 days before getting banned permanently.

For games that do not have a name change function your character will be banned. But will be allowed to make a new character with some bonus items on as some compensation for the loss of the data on your old character. Compensation may vary depending on the case. But as the inappropriate IGNs have broken a rule supported by the EULA the transfer of data will not be allowed. So you shall suffer the cost of breaking the rule.

What qualifies as an inappropriate IGN:
* Has cursing in it
* Has any vulgar language or lewd content
* Has content in it that is considered racist

Note: Level 15 and below characters will be perm banned upon report.
shining day, Chelsea go go go~~

The 3-7 days starts from the day which the players receive their rename card


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