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Moderators Recruitment

We are recruiting moderators for “Suggestions”, "Experience Discussion" and "League Discussion" sections in DDT forum, two moderators for each section. The probation period of moderators is two months.

1. You should be a DDT player, familiar with our game.
2. Your English should be good enough to answer players’ questions correctly.
3. You should have strong responsibility to answer players’ questions in time everyday.
4. You should be on line no less than 2 hours each day.
5. You should be patient and polite to maintain the order in that section of our forum.
6. Those players who have similar experience are preferred.

If you are willing to be our moderator, please send your detailed information to our Email: including your true name, nationality, game account, character name, email, MSN, etc. We will contact you as soon as possible. Welcome to join in DDT.         

DDTank Operating Group
April 30th , 2011

shining day, Chelsea go go go~~

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