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DDTank Suggestion. Auctions and more.

Hey there, it's my first time writing on forums I don't know if I should expect anything to happen but let's give it a shot. Old DDTank players would remember a building called auctons. It was implemented in a game as a way of people able to gain money without spending. I don't know what the true reason it is for it to be taken down but a event or activity like that would be useful since DDTank highly relies on coins (which I recharged a lot). I'd understand why it isnt in the game now because of the spend coins for more rewards and people can simply manipulate it so they get 100k spent and get free rewards by using 2 accounts but I'm wondering if there's a way that it doesn't mess with the system. The reason we have bound and unbound is clearly so we can either give to friends (old mail system) or sell at auctions. That's my take on auctions but I'm going to discuss about item's in the game.
It isn't fair for people that recharge to get an item called 'Undying Hearts' expect the event to come but it never does. I remember it came out frequently and you rewarded people for having them but them but I really don't remember the last time it came out. It would be great to see that again because it isn't the only items like that I have 100 pirate land tickets but they're useless cause the event is gone but my focus is on the Undying Hearts because when recharge event changes it sometimes gives them away so I find it unfair that u gain nothing from it. This is an open discussion feel free to say anything u like.
Thank you for reading my post

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The sad part about this is that the gms/distributors don't even answer to the forum anymore, neither they do fun events like they did before. Or even actualize the old guides that we're made around 2011. This games community used to be a really nice one, unfortunately it is dead now. They only care about the money.

Every player would love the return of the Auction House, Events with Undying Hearths(Have around 50) or even some fun activities on the forum or in the game.
They probably won't even answer to this.


So many players even quit, it used to be a fun game. The recharge prices are even high too, i mean 10$ for 1k coins is sad. You need to recharge atleast 100$ to get some good value. In other games for 100$ you get extremely much value and probably don't even have to recharge anymore. The events now are only based for strong recharge players.

What many don't realize that this isn't the only DDTank server, there is 337 for brazilians and many more for chinese/vietnamese. The game actualizations are so slow(Yes, i know, it takes some time to translate everything to english and fix bugs, but still it is one of the slowest).

To be honest if some decenly intelligent people would be put together to work on a ddtank english server, with the auction house implemented and fun events every now and then, the server would be more popular than this one.


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