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power/angle tips shown ingame ! why/how ?

I was trying a new account
was lvl 18
wen I noticed that the game was randomly helping me sometimes
(during  pvp and  easy ant queen)
by SHOWING me what power I have to choose with the angle of my weapon
and the path of my bullet to the target

is it a bug ?

why does that option even exist ?

was on firefox
on official game321 server
never used any add on or cheat !

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Post Last Edited by hyperbob00 at 2018-5-10 18:30

ok those numbers and path are shown to help player till lvl 15 right ?
so its a bug to have it at lvl 18 ?
btw when you enter an arena with a player lvl 15 or less (there is message at start)
then ,does every one get this help
or only the low lvlv player ?


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